Top Reasons For Being A Direct Support Professional with Casmir Care Services

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Working as a Direct Support Professional is one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have. Here at Casmir Care Services, we work with individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities within Pennsylvania. Working daily with individuals and their families brings our team delight because we want to make their lives a little more comfortable and enjoyable. While there are many reasons this work is rewarding, here are the top five reasons why being a caregiver is so important to us:

Providing Help to Individuals and Their Families

Working with individuals is one of the most significant benefits of home care assistance. Their joy and energy help give our days purpose. While the individuals might have disabilities, that doesn’t stop them from enjoying life. Our Direct Support Professionals help them lead their lives the way the individual wants. We’re here to help with any of their needs and provide companionship and a shoulder to lean on. 

Assisting family members is just as important to us. In addition to providing all-day care for individuals, we also offer family members a break to run errands or the chance to rejuvenate themselves. Providing this option is an integral part of self-care. We’re proud that we can offer these breaks to take care of whatever needs will support their family members. 

One-on-One Interactions 

Our Direct Support Professionals’ one-on-one interactions with individuals are memorable. We are privileged to learn about their lives. Because we have continual interaction with the individuals, we can know more about what they enjoy doing.

One-on-one interactions with individuals and their families are not only beneficial for us but also them. They understand that we know the highs and lows of their lives, and we can adjust our routine for the day as needed. Having different caregivers every day doesn’t give the individuals the personal attention they expect. Having a steady Direct Support Professional is essential, not only for them but also for their daily household and medical needs. The needs of the individuals is the #1 reason we’re here.


Something New Every Day 

Every day is a new day at Casmir Care Services! There are lots of jobs out there that are repetitive or can get boring very quickly. Not with us. We encourage our Direct Support Professionals to learn new skills and spend time with the individuals to understand them better. 

We also know that individuals’ needs can change from day-to-day. Being able to adjust to those situations and knowing what will make the individual the most comfortable makes us proud. No one would ever call working with us boring!  

Providing Options 

Giving individuals the option to be in their own living space is very important to us. Having that familiarity of home can make many individuals comfortable, help give them independence, help with medication administration, accompanying on trips to the doctor, and allow them to integrate into their community through vocational training and finding a job. 

Casmir Care Services can also provide, in some cases, non-medical transportation, behavioral support, and many other services. Having those options is vital. Ensuring that comfort levels are acceptable while providing medical and other care is our goal. We want individuals and their families to be happy.

It’s A Calling 

Being a Direct Support Professional involves many emotions and the ability to determine when control of a situation is necessary. That ability to juggle balls while being respectful of individuals is why we consider it a calling. It takes an extraordinary person to work as a caregiver. While Casmir Cares Services is always here to support, we know how important being sensitive yet in control is for both the Direct Support Professional and the individual’s health and safety. We love what we do and are always looking to hire those who can provide various skills.

Being a caregiver is not for everyone. We’re looking for Direct Support Professionals who will provide individuals and their family members with respect while building a good working relationship. The calling of helping others with their medical and other needs is special. We love our Direct Support Professionals and understand how critical they are to help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Work with Us

These are just a few reasons why we love what we do at Casmir Cares Services. Interested in learning more about our Direct Support Professionals position? Ready to join the team? Visit our Careers page to learn about open positions. Or email us at for more information. 






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